Among its other selling points, the 407GX also has impressive performance characteristics. With a formidable Rolls-Royce 250-C47B engine producing 813 shaft horsepower, the aircraft can travel much faster than its predecessor aircraft. The model also has notably strong hover capabilities and an eight-foot main rotor clearance. It has comfortable club seating and a maximum passenger capacity of seven, while affording an impressive 254 pound allowance per seat. Light, smooth, and nimble, the 407GX is an efficient and economical option for travelers who don’t require the heavy-duty pageantry of larger models. With so many variations and continual improvements, the 407GX model is a versatile aircraft with a diverse portfolio of mission capabilities.

This flexibility makes it difficult to pigeonhole the 407 into one role, as it has performed admirably in executive transport, law enforcement, emergency medical operations, and the entertainment industry. Above all else, the Bell 407GX is known for its reliability and maneuverability supplemented by a configurable cabin for extreme versatility.






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